Old pond…

A frog jumps in

The sound of water

Eight months ago I came across an article which had these three lines written in 1600s by master haiku poet Matsuo Basho . On probing further I found it was a Japanese form of poem known as Haiku poems of three lines or 17 syllables  usually accompanied by a picture of nature so delicate it looked soothing.

Another two months pass but I keep going back to reading Haikus on my phone finding a strange calmness, in my otherwise chaotic life. One fine day I come across an article in the weekly magazine of Hindustan Times, Brunch of a new app called HaikuJam. Ting! Sounds familiar. Reading further  I find that a new app has been launched by three friends in London which is about strangers all across the world writing Haikus, one person, one line, anonymously. Intrigued by the magic of haiku and uniqueness of the app I was compelled to download the app. The idea of collaborating with a complete stranger to create poetry was too enthralling.

First day

Six months ago when I downloaded the app of Haikujam they had been running the topic of colours. Colours is something which is really special to everyone. All of us have a favourite colour.  As I had just completed a painting, I guess it was the most favoured thing to write about. The app was a simple one, skipping the complexities and allowing people to focus on creating poetry. The first jam I wrote in collaboration with other two people was about painting

I painted the canvas blue

Imagining the sky with birds

Mountains full of sheep herds

To this I had also added a picture of my painting in the background giving dimension to the poetry. And voila! The job was done. One line at a time, one step at a time Haikujam has hand held me to cross the bridge over the river of words and reach the zen garden for a rendezvous with my inner self. Dhrupad Karwa, Neer Sharma and Andy Leung might have conceived the idea of Haikujam app over a cup of tea, but they are noble souls doing a job greater than any of us.With every Haiku you write in the solitude of your being with a stranger, connecting with his thoughts, sitting in another part of the world, you grow in empathy. The discipline of seventeen syllables encourages brevity,clarity and precision in not just words but thoughts as well.

In the past six months my journey with HaikuJam has been quite eventful and enriching. After writing more than 11000 jams and having the honour of more than 40000 likes, I have a lot of stories to share……






12 thoughts on “

  1. Chandana Bardia says:

    Great words Ekta !! You’ve penned exactly what many of us have experienced and feel . Your simple expression of thoughts have impressed me . Your journey , your stories , your verses are what makes you what you are today : a woman of element .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. reanshi vikram says:

    Your love towards poem and your dedication showcase your veracity! Loads of love and thnkyou for being inspiration to thousands of people on Haiku

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Karen Kubicko says:

    Incredibly awesome! You ooze creativity. I want to see your paintings now! Thank you for being a positive influence on Haikujam. It’s a fantastic place to meet like-minded positive and creative souls. Xoxoxoxxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. noceurwrites says:

      Thanks a million times over my beautiful angel.God answered my prayers when he sent you in my life.Thanks for bringing positivity, hope, love and light in my life.
      Love and light


  4. Rahul Sinha says:

    Inspiring!! Energetic!!
    “If words are like a chink to the world for a blind man, Haiku as i see for that man is a magical painting coming to life.”

    “We are all blind in many ways ,ways many we dilute to a void, a void oblivious enough to keep us wondering/day dreaming, dreaming of what we chase with unquenchable thirst.
    Thirst that is there truly of something that intrigue us,surprise us, deny,defy,dignify our very way of self-righteous thinking and make us question things, Things that will never quench that very thirst but increase it many folds instead.

    Instead, your words bring peace and pure bliss as they are simplistic yet powerful, just enough to stir the thoughts into a perfect blend of unparalleled state of purity with a dash of wild whimsical wanderlust, its the art to seek, to find, explore ,a play of words to appreciate simplicity and you do it so simply. Keep writing and touching lives”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. noceurwrites says:

      Conversations with you bring out the best creativity in me. You inspire me in ways more than both of us could imagine. You know what you are to me…no words could ever do justice to it.Thanks for always being there…even in the middle of night.
      Love and light.


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