What’s your name again??

Noceur- What’s in a name !!

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Noceur happens to be my pen name. It has undoubtedly created a lot of curiosity on HaikuJam App. Fellow jammers often ask me what does it mean, and I can’t even remember how many stories I have spun around just a name. So when in a conversation Mr. CEO Dhru decided to ask himself of the story behind my name, I had to oblige.

For starters Noceur is a French word translating to one who sleeps late or not at all. You may translate it to nocturnal but that comes with its own fair share of interpretations, often not very positive. Noceur, on the other hand is beautiful in its own sweet way.

When I started jamming all day and almost all night long, I realized that all the jams written at night had been fairly good to the extent that in the mornings I got notifications of multiple features. That made the mornings so much sweeter but we will go to that territory later. Fellow regular jammers started addressing me as nocturnal, insomniac and likewise. I then came across Noceur and it has kind of stayed with me ever since.

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So to put your anxiety to rest, this is what I interpret of Noceur


Night is a seductress,

An enchantress.

It lures people to leave everything,

and sleep with it.

But we are the lovers of the night,

Sharing the darkness with her.

Lovers of the shade,

Away from the impurity of light.

With the night darker than the reflection of us,

In the shimmering waters in a moonlit night.

More interesting stories in my journey of writing haikus on its way….



8 thoughts on “What’s your name again??

  1. Poushali M. says:

    Ahh… So beautifully you write Noceur ! Love your thoughts.. they simply enchant. Yes.. you are the seductress of the mind alright. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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