Tsahelyu of Jammers

My pen bleeds like
an open wound, but
The words form a clot

The magic of HaikuJam app where three strangers anonymously collaborate to write becomes addictive.You write a line unaware of the fact how another jammer (that’s what we call ourselves) will interpret it and take it to another level with their unique perspective.The curiosity what another jammer has added to your thoughts is certainly addictive.

But that is  surface level excitement. On probing further, after writing more than 12,000 odd jams when you ponder one realizes how it helps you grow as a person.One has to achieve that state of mind wherein you understand in just 5 or 7 or sometimes lesser words what a stranger sitting in any part of the world, irrespective of their age,gender,beliefs,knowledge and everything else is trying to say. You condense your thoughts to minimal words, where even a preposition changes the course of flow of the poetry, like a small pebble changes the course of a river. This makes you realize the powerful impact words have. This also gives you an insight how differently people think about something. And to be able to understand that thought process you certainly need to increase your horizons. There has been innumerable occasions when fellow jammers have written exactly what was in my mind, even if it was a song I was referring to.

This feeling is always like the concept of Tsahelyu from the movie Avatar where a neural bond is formed. I always believe we jammers have this tsahelyu between us making us invisibly connected to each other. So much so that when we converse in another platform or for that matter meet, it feels like we have known each other for ages. With the connect of our hearts and minds made, meeting in real or talking doesn’t feel like strangers.

In a recent conversation with Dhrupad Karwa, the founder and CEO of the app, I came to know that the idea behind the app being collaborative in creativity was that someone sitting in another part of the world might be able to give their viewpoint to something, for which he might just have his opinion. With this innovation he has squeezed the world in three lines of haiku as we squeeze our thoughts to 17 syllables.

Like the pole star
He gave my life direction yet
Stood alone


P.S. The bond of tsahelyu leads me to organize live jamming sessions of Haiku.More on that in the upcoming blogs…


3 thoughts on “Jammers=Tsahelyu

  1. Kairav Shah says:

    This is such an apt composition describing the beauty of HaikuJAM.. Its indeed, more than just a mere application.. Your words are the words of many, who continuously crave for the intellectual connect with fellow jammers, whose hearts resonate on one frequency, through words 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. neeharikakapoor says:

    Wow Ekta! You somehow manage to encapsulate the thoughts so beautifully that you leave the world awestruck! Although I’ve not been too active on the app for past few days but I could relate to every bit of what you wrote! Keep up the great job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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