Queen of Darkness

The Dark Forest

She went ahead. It was pitch dark. But she knew her way in the dark forest. Like the sound of bones breaking, cracking open, she heard the dried dead leaves, crumbling beneath her footsteps as she moved.

The long trail of her blue shimmering gown followed her, slithering like the snakes gliding beside her. She heard the wailing sound again, louder, sharper, more painful than ever. She followed in the direction. The traces of anxiety qualms and the fears hidden inside reflected in her heavy treads.The shrieks and the yelping grew louder. She tried to walk faster, to reach before they did.

Suddenly, she heard something walking behind her. The Night had assured her she was alone in the darkness, away from the impurity of light. It was the abyss, where she wandered in orderly chaos as much as the ways  of the Dark Forest.

The other footsteps were making their presence heard, crushing the dried leaves echoing in the Dark Forest.They grew faster in pace. The dried leaves warned her to run faster. She lifted the glittering hem of her gown to ease her tiring feet. She had to hurry. The painful shrills seemed never ending. She started to run to reach the cries. She had to reach before they did.

She ran with all her might, her blue gown shimmering like the fireflies on a moonless night.The wind pulled open her hair, which moved like waves behind her. She was starting to feel out of breath. She was loosing her energy.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She froze to death; but she turned to see nothing but those red, luminous, evil eyes staring at her. The cries also stopped. Suddenly the Dark Forest was in eerie silence. The only sound heard was of her heavy breathing….


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