Drenched in your love

When it rained last night

The sky was grey. Dark clouds closing in. Spreading like the kohl of her eyes from previous night. Her red swollen eye reminding of the hues of  the Sun seeking cover in embrace of the dark clouds. The rumbling of the clouds, like the drums playing, so passionately, it strikes a lightning.

The parched Land below with slightly parted lips is anticipating first kiss. It awaits with eyes above watching the Sky, admiring her lover spreading its dark black, grey wings like an eagle ready before the kill.The Sky would create another symphony louder, more ferocious and stronger. It thunders with all its might. It roars like a thousand lions.

The Land below awaits patiently, her tears dried up waiting. The Sky looks at the anticipating Land below and his love breaks all barriers. It pours releasing all of its pent up emotions to reach its beloved Land, for that first touch, for that first kiss.

The moment they meet, the Land is embraced like never before. The Sky breaks into a million drops each racing to drop down to the Land; and the land fills her empty heart with each drop fallen till it becomes a part of its tears.

The encounters of the long lost lovers spreads its fragrance all across. Their magic spreads across like a wild mountain river. It inspires long, lost lovers to find back their love drenched in the rain of love from the Sky, filling their hearts with passions so deep they get lost in each other’s embrace. The Land and the Sky become one, and smile at love finding its way back…..




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