Lingering Moments


Lingering moments

How I crave your breath on my skin…

whispering your name.

How I miss the impressions of your lips…

on the undiscovered corners of me.

How I miss the trail of your fingers…

drawing maps of our dreams.

How I miss the smell of you…

lingering in the air all around.



8 thoughts on “Lingering Moments

  1. Chandana bardia says:

    Your words have an impact and as I see the sun set in the city of Madrid, I feel have gone back to the era of love of the ancient city leaving its trail . What is left behind is beauty and pain .

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  2. Poushali M. says:

    This is so deeply, enchantingly romantic. So pulsatingly alive every word… every curve, every emotion.
    Love your words.. You gave me the shivers… Yet again. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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