“It’s a life’s journey of finding ourselves, finding our power and living for – Mariska Hargitay”

We all are on a journey. A journey we call life. Journey of two points of illumination. Journeys we all must make by ourselves. As we go ahead in this trip, we find companions and fellow travelers. Some walk with us for a short distance, some walk distances of years and yet there are some who appear and disappear with no reason whatsoever. You learn to live with such wanderers. You learn to match the skip in their step or slow down to their relaxed saunter. But every such journey must come to an end, does come to an end.

The journey you have to make eventually is a journey you will make alone. All by yourself. All for yourself. You have to find company in your own doubts, insecurities, flaws, breakdowns, failures, nightmares and demons. You will live with them and walk with them. They will never stop to haunt you, never stop to stalk you, never stop to chase you. Wander you may in search of a light to get rid of these shadows, but the darkness walks closely to overpower your resolves. These shadows lure you to distractions, illusions, perplexity, confusion, at times even hysteria.

But the light you so desperately seek in the world of mirages and labyrinths, is truly within. Make a journey within yourself, within your heart, soul and mind, The only knowledge that elucidate the reasons of your existence and the destination of your journey, is stored within. Listen to what your inner voice tells you. That voice with wisdom beyond years knows when we are clueless, guides when we are lost, mends when we are broken. If you stop listening to it, you will lose it to the oblivion of ignorance. But once you recognize and acknowledge the presence of it, there is no stopping. Learn to hear your inner voice. The only journey you have to make is within to find your inner voice. Then the journey you make in this world is a journey of meaning and purpose and not wanderlust. It is now when you learn to travel with yourself. Other travelers will  still arrive and depart, but you will keep the pace of your treads, leading towards the destination this journey was made to reach.

In the end all of us cross trajectories with each other. Some stay longer than the other. Make the most of every journey you make, with fellow wanderers or the one within yourself.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks inside awaken- Carl Jung”


9 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Chandana bardia says:

    We all have to embark upon this journey… we know it but when you read something like this you actually come down to ponder, why are we running after mirages.. Beautifully penned and yes awesome perception…

    Liked by 1 person

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