No drum rolls. No fanfare. No broken bones and no bleeding wounds. It is creeping from the gaps in the window sill and the cracks below closed doors. It is creeping silently and slithering to find its next prey. It will enter at the most inconspicuous moment, when none is watching and time is not keeping a track. It will attack the most unsuspecting one, crawling up the veins, with such a delicacy that the air around wouldn’t notice. And then, it will consume. It will create mirages, conjure sounds. It will blur every demarcation of reality and imagination. It will scream in your head. It will awaken every demon known. It will lead you to the dark dungeon of nightmares. And there you will be. No broken bones. No bleeding wounds. No reason to be treated medically. No reason to be cared for and looked after. No reason for empathy and curing the root cause. What you will get instead is mockery, ridicule and disdain. We will call you names and put you in institutions and not hospitals.

Depression is more than that, and it’s time we treated brain as any other part of body in pain. It’s time we treat and cure depression as broken bones and bleeding wounds. It’s time things come out of the closet and there is light of awareness. It’s time we stop discrimination and give the love much needed. It’s time we speak about Depression.


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